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Addhyay is one of the fastest growing career counselling venture that have collaborated with thousands of students withing few months of starting. We make sure 100% data privacy and accurate results to help students make their best suitable decisions for their career ahead.

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We at Addhyay strongly believe that a happy career is synonymous to a happy life.

We are an ardent career counselling company which provides comprehensive career guidance solutions based on 5 dimensional career assessment. Addhyay has been established to help individuals of all age to traverse through various stages of life on their own. Based on our multi-dimensional career assessment we not only help students to find what career or stream is most suitable for them, but also encourage and motivate them to get a better understanding of themselves.

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We help students from class 5 th to working professionals to find their most suitable career path. Once we have identified the right career path, we provide the students with complete career roadmap
to achieve their dreams and career goals.

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Students spend almost 70% of their adult life at workplace. So, it becomes extremely crucial that career decisions are made after proper assessment, analysis and guidance from proper expertise. With a team of dedicated and passionate individuals we are always there at your service to solve all your career related queries.
Addhyay provides career guidance at every step of the career path of a student, professionals etc.

  • Personality Test
  • Career Interest & Motivation
  • Learning Style
  • Skill & Abilities

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With a team of dedicated and passionate individuals and trained career counsellors is a perfect combination to help students and professionals for an effective and hassle free career.

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