02 Jul, 2020

Study during Lockdown

During this hard period, when people all over the planet are considering themselves as ‘trapped’ or homebound, we now need to perform our tasks differently. You might be at home alone, or mostly with your family but no matter what, compromising with your studies is not an option for you. Before the pandemic, we had different places to study such as our college library, a friend’s house, classes, etc. But now you don’t have any other option than home studying.

28 Jun, 2020

Money vs Ambition, what’s more important for a successful career?

The reality is, in today’s competitive and stressful world, we want to be happy rather than just rich. With everybody around us giving lectures on the importance of money, we have made a mindset that to survive in this competitive world we have to just focus on earning money no matter whether you really love your job or not. Money can certainly give you a luxurious life, provide you a secure future, big vacations but is that all? What about our mental health and happiness? Having a passion or interest in our work is equally important.

28 Jun, 2020

Role of Mentor in career development

A mentor is someone who teaches or gives advice and helped a person to achieve his goal. The mentor may share important information about his/her own career path and provide guidance, motivation, and emotional support to students. Everyone wants to become a successful person but without proper guidance it is not possible. Because a mentor will help students to set their goals and will help to choose the best way to become successful.

28 Jun, 2020

Education Is Not Only To Become A Rich Person - It Should Be About Humanism Also.

To become a successful person, education is very important in everyone’s life. It is the process of learning skills, values, beliefs, habits, and knowledge. An educated person can pass the knowledge of society, country, and world form generation to generation. Gain knowledge not just to become a rich person but, to become a good person. If you are educated and rich but you don’t value your relations, than your education and money is just a waste.