career planning for 11th & 12th Students
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11th & 12th Class in the most crucial sage for any student where you actually make the decision of choosing the your career path. Students have already chosen the subjects and have given 2 year but after 12th they will now need to further select their stream. While making a career decision students are always in a dilemma to enroll courses by following friends or taking the most popular courses ongoing or follow career path suggested by your parents.

The majority of the students select a course without correctly evaluating their own strengths, weaknesses and interests & analyzing their career opportunities within the stream. The decision taken by them at this stage maybe it is because of peer pressure or due to insufficient of knowledge can become the burden of their life. So, career assessment & career planning is very important for any student to choose the stream carefully for better career prospects in the future.

At Addhyay we help students in evaluating your true potential With help of 5 Dimensional  career analysis assessment which includes various Psychometric, Interest, Aptitude and Personality tests.

After proper assessments, our expert counsellors will guide the students towards the correct career path according to your abilities, interests, talents and personality and assist your goal setting, by planning step-to-step, long term as well as short-term goals.

With providing you with a proper insight into the correct career options, and broaden your mind through an insight into the various opportunities our counsellors will also provide guidance through the various entrances exams you should sit for, helping you select the right Universities for India and Abroad and Inculcating confidence and motivation by providing the essential support to boost your morale and prepare you for the best.

career planning for 11th & 12th Students